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Adam Fuller's Journal
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Sunday, August 6th, 2000
9:47 pm
Rankism-"The Last Ism"
Breaking Ranks. A New Book by Robert Fuller.

In the past 40 years, racism, sexism, and homophobia have been put on the defensive. Suffering indignities or abuse because of ones race, gender, or sexual persuasion is no longer thought of as the "natural order of things." Yet many are still plagued by injustice, unfairness, and abuse at the hands of others. And many still cite racism, sexism, and homophobia as the source of this injustice, and they are sometimes right to do so. But what if we discovered another trait that each of us carries that is the real cause of the indignities we suffer? What if we found the characteristic in each of us that is at the root of all the other isms?

In his new book, Breaking Ranks, Robert W. Fuller explores this question, and pinpoints rank as the trait that leads to most of the injustice, unfairness, and indignity we suffer. Coining the term Rankism"The Last Ism"Mr. Fuller shows how we are plagued by discrimination based on power differences stemming from rank.

Stewart Brand, founder of the WELL, The Whole Earth Catalog, and GBN says of the book: "The hardest thing to get aired or published is a truly new good idea. But once out there, that is what has the greatest impact. The trick is getting by the gatekeepers. Breaking Ranks is a book that many of us think is extremely important and timely. It is a highly honed body of thought and writing, and I recommend it. I think it will change the world"

Many of you will remember Mr. Fuller from the discussion he led with the housemates of Here And Now 2 this past May. Because of the success of this discussion, new revisions to the book, and the urgency of these ideas, we at Here And Now have decided to make his book, Breaking Ranks, the featured topic of discussion this week on our forums. You can download the book for free at www.breakingranks.net, or check out a brief introduction in the Here and Now forums under "Society and Culture." So, hop into the forums and be heard.
5:57 pm
4:54 pm
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